Clean Room Cantilever Ladder

Our Clean Room Cantilever Ladders are manufactured from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. Cantilever rolling ladders are the best solution to access hard-to-reach areas in controlled environments. While providing a stable platform, the operator can work directly over (hover) specific objects or obstacles to reach these hard to clean or service areas. These work platforms are completely customizable. Call for options and pricing!

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Clean Room Cantilever Ladder  For Cleanroom and Food Grade Applications

 Our Clean Room Cantilever Ladder provides a safe working at height solution that is ISO 7 compliant and meets all safety regulations within these critical environments.

 Our Clean Room Cantilever Ladders are the perfect solution to access hard-to-reach places in controlled environments. The cantilevered overhang platform allows your employees to safely work over the top of objects, such as tanks, machines or equipment.

 The cantilever ladders overhang is achieved utilizing a balancing counter-weight located under the bottom step. We also offer a supported cantilever ladder, also known as a U Frame ladder, that uses an extended frame at the base of the ladder to support the added weight of the overhang platform.

 These ladders meet OSHA and ANSI Special Purpose Standards, and may be customized to meet your special requirements.

Each ladder is made to order based on your specifications, including size, dimension, and purpose. Custom designs, passivation and electropolishing options available. Call for pricing.


 • 304 Grade stainless steel construction  • Optional 316 upgrade
 • 14" Overhang standard, custom available  • 36"H handrails with 18" mid-rails
 • 24"W Diamond plate tread standard  • 180 Grit
 • 300 lbs. capacity    • #4 Finish
 • (2) Swivel & (2) Rigid 3" Casters  • Buffed welds

**All measurements in table are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.

Clean Room Cantilever Ladder

 # Steps  Top Step
Overall Dimensions    Weight   Model # Price
  24"W Treads with 14" Overhang  
4 40 76 26 56 250 CR-CL402414 $4,506.00
5 50 86 26 63 265 CR-CL502414 $5,283.00
6 60 96 26 70 283 CR-CL602414 $6,160.00
7 70 106 26 77 300 CR-CL702414 $6,938.00
8 80 116 26 84 320 CR-CL802414 $7,215.00


Nearly every aspect of our Clean Room Cantilever Ladders is completely customizable. We offer several sizes of overhang lengths and tread widths. We use industrial grade casters, but you may need a special type to suit your flooring or clean room conditions. If your application requires the counter weight to be made of stainless steel, possible alternatives could be powder coated carbon steel or a stainless box filled with weight. Call for pricing!

 Fabrication Authorities International, Inc. is quickly proving to a world leader in turnkey adjustable stands, clean room product, custom ladders and work platform construction, delivering flexible solutions with a performance guarantee. Our project managers focus on cost efficiency and custom design capability to ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained sales representatives oversee each clean room design-build project from receipt of PO to owner acceptance of the shipment. Our sales technicians are educated to provide you with a professional consultation to work with your facility’s space and access requirements to customize a solution that successfully addresses safety, ergonomics, and regulation compliance. Our team includes an operations manager, project managers, specialized sales representatives, technical department and an in-house engineering department. 

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