FRP Composite Aviation Ladders 

The FRP Composite Aviation Ladders are available in a variety of sizes to fit your application. Our Composite Aviation Ladders are AML approved for use on all aircraft.

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FRP Composite Aviation Ladders 

 The FRP Composite Aviation Ladders are available in a variety of sizes to fit your aircraft maintenance needs. Our Composite Aviation Ladders are AML approved for use on all aircraft. They are accessible from both sides, and the wide leg stance supported by stretchers provides added stability.


FRP Composite Aviation Ladders

All composite ladders are constructed using USA-made, top quality pultruded material with a UV resistant veil. The wall mount version attaches to vertical surface only and is mounted with the bottom rung at 12” or less from the floor. The floor mount version includes upper wall mount brackets and floor brackets for securing the ladder directly to the floor. Stainless steel brackets and hardware for corrosion resistance are included. Features include bolted/ riveted and epoxied construction. Available fully assembled or knocked down as a kit for on-site assembly and reduced shipping costs.



 • Quality pultruded material with UV-resistant veil  • 300 lbs. capacity
 • Optional spring-loaded casters  • Lightweight design
 • 18"W Slip-resistant rungs  • OSHA and ANSI compliant
 • Durable neoprene non-slip pads on feet  • Bolted/riveted and epoxied construction
 • Optional 36"H handrails on one or both sides  • 70 Degree climbing angle
 • Platform size: 18"W x 14"D, options available  • (2) 5" Casters on one side
 • Non-conductive, non-sparking, and corrosion-resistant design
 • Available fully assembled or knocked down as a kit for on-site assembly and reduced shipping costs
 • An optional solid plate is also available in place of the platform grating, which you can custom drill or machine to hold your tools or equipment when working

 Composite Benefits

 Composites offer several advantages; they are much more environmentally responsible, more effective and resourceful than traditional non-renewable material. Composites are non-magnetic, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, slip resistant, lightweight for reduced freight & install costs, impact resistant, fire-retardant and non-conductive for either heat or electricity. Our FRP Composite is designed to be extremely strong and durable, much stronger than steel. Composite material weighs less than 1/2 of its steel counterpart. Product will not rust like steel or easily dent and deform like aluminum, and requires nominal maintenance compared to other options. Composites are well suited to any and all environments, either inside or out, and are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Composite Material is constructed using USA-made, top quality pultruded material with a UV-resistant veil to lessen fading of color. Designed for easy fabrication and installation, all of our composite products meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

**All measurements in the tables below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD.


# Steps Height No Handrails  Single Handrail  Dual Handrails
Model # Price Model # Price Model # Price
5 60 ACM-C-5-14-18 $1,330 ACM-C-5-14-18-H1 $1,832 ACM-C-5-14-18-H2 $2,337
6 72 ACM-C-6-14-18 $1,450 ACM-C-6-14-18-H1 $1,968 ACM-C-6-14-18-H2 $2,487
7 84 ACM-C-7-14-18 $1,569 ACM-C-7-14-18-H1 $2,104 ACM-C-7-14-18-H2 $2,640
8 96 ACM-C-8-14-18 $1,689 ACM-C-8-14-18-H1 $2,241 ACM-C-8-14-18-H2 $2,791
108 ACM-C-9-14-18 $1,843 ACM-C-9-14-18-H1 $2,409 ACM-C-9-14-18-H2 $2,975
10 120 ACM-C-10-14-18 $1,962 ACM-C-10-14-18-H1 $2,545 ACM-C-10-14-18-H2 $3,127
11 132 ACM-C-11-14-18 $2,083 ACM-C-11-14-18-H1 $2,681 ACM-C-11-14-18-H2 $3,280
12 144 ACM-C-12-14-18  $2,204 ACM-C-12-14-18-H1 $2,816 ACM-C-12-14-18-H2  $3,431

A spring-loaded caster option is available for the following sizes:
The spring casters automatically retract when weight is applied.

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